Abs Workouts for Men

Everyone knows having chiseled abs is a great way to get attention at the beach or whenever you take off your shirt. But have you considered the other benefits?

Benefits during sex - strong abs give you higher endurance when pumping in and out. Think of this benefit through the opposite example: a man with weak abs and a lot of abdominal fat will have trouble pumping during lovemaking for extended periods of time. A man with strong ab muscles can also better aim his body in slightly different angles - to better reach a woman's G-spot.

There can be fat behind the abdominal wall. Abdominals also help hold in any visceral fat you may have. Strong abs help make your midsection appear to be even - more - trim - because everything is held inside your core.

Comfort when wearing pants. When you have strong abs, they usually come with a trim waist. Which means, you do not ned to endure the all-day feeling of a belt constricting your fat in. ...And fat will not flow over the belt.

Experts' Advice Varies on the Best Abs Workouts for Men

Personal trainers differ on how which are he best Abs Workout for guys. There are many talented trainers who have discovered or created abs routines that work for their clients. There simply is not a consensus on the "best routine" for everyone. And some trainers think there is one best workout and others disagree.

We have compiled three Abs workouts books and 3 Abs training DVDs that we feel best sum up the most popular training techniques promoted by trainers.

What Abs Workout Books and DVDs will Teach You

  • The great sit-up debate
  • Why Sit-ups suck / hip flexors and ab training
  • How to effectively isolate abs
  • Crunch variations
  • Ab machines vs crunches?
  • Leg raises: Do these really work the lower abs?
  • How to get totally ripped abs using a swiss ball
  • Oblique training: how to do it correctly
  • The total workout for 6 pack abs
  • The abs are not "one" muscle
  • Ab training: lower abs
  • The great ab training debate: once per week or every day?

Finally, when you purchase a book or DVD, you make a commitment to yourself to start a program. When it arrives, you no longer have an excuse to avoid a routine. You have a tangible book or DVD in your hands - instead of some random workout your found on line or in a magazine. It creates a psychological effect. So, get started. Choose one of the six products we recommend and commit to continuing on your program from day to day.

Books for Abs Workouts

Athletic Abs $15.15 - The unique thing about this comprehensive compilation of exercises is that the authors focus on form, rather than volume. Obviously, most of the exercises are based around working the core muscle groups. Here, this is done using unique movements that some people might not be used to, and it will be important to pay close attention to the exercise descriptions to get the full effect.

The Complete Book of Abs $14.93 - Just as its name suggests, this is a definitive guide to core fitness. The exercise routines within are challenging, but not overwhelming to someone who is a beginner in bodybuilding. For easy reference, many of the movements are rated on a scale by the author in terms of difficulty of completion. Perfect for people who are just getting started, as well as for folks who already have a pretty cut up stomach, and just want to see that look continue.

Power Factor Specialization: Abs and Legs $20.53 - The beautiful thing about heavy leg routines is that they also recruit your abdominal muscles. You're killing two birds with one stone, and this book explains all about how to use this to maximize your gains. If you have trouble gaining weight, then your lower body workouts are going to need to be a big focus for you.

Best Abs Workout DVDs

Fitness Made Simple: Six Pack Abs - Again, it's important for a lot of emphasis to be put on core fitness. Strong abs are necessarily for a wide range of other fitness movements, including anything involving heavy leg work. If you've got a powerful stomach, you'll have an easier time across the board, and that importance is what's being addressed in this Fitness Made Simple plan. They've painstakingly cut out a lot of the fluff to enable you to find the abdominal exercises that will work for you in a hurry, even if a 6-pack is something you've never had before.

Trainer's Edge - Killer Abs and Back with Michael Olajide $13.49 - Dividing an exercise routine up into segments is a good method to keep people focused on one motion at a time, which can maximize results. That's exactly what Trainer's Edge does, with a standing portion, and a floor portion both included in his DVD. Many of the exercises are high-impact, and based on existing martial arts motions, such as Tae Bo. He'll work you into a sweat in a hurry, and there's no better way to really feel like you've done a hard workout at the end of the day!

ICON MEN: Greg Plitt Biceps Triceps & Abs Fitness $14.98 - As a former wrestler and military man, Plitt knows exactly what it takes to come out ahead. His routines will get you to work hard, but that's why you're here in the first place, and the results his guidance can give you are more than worth your while.

Gear for Abs Workouts

TKO Ab Trainer $64.49 This is a great thing to have at home, even if you're still able to make it out to the gym several times a week. Experts will tell you that your abs are the one muscle group you can get away with working every single day, and this helps you accomplish that by bringing the rolling motion of the heavy duty abdominal benches of the gym into the convenience of your living room.

Valeo Ab Straps $23.95 - Use any sturdy doorway or overhanging pull up bar to knock out some killer leg raises with these! They're strongly stitched and made to last, yet small and light so that you can carry them with you to the gym if you so choose. They'll facilitate almost any abdominal exercise you can think of.


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