Military Workouts For Men

Army Field Manual FM 21-20 (Physical Fitness Training) by The United States Army $11.69 at

Becoming a U.S. Army Ranger: The Workout DVD $24.95 at

Combat Conditioning: The Classic U.S. Marine Corps Physical Training And Hand-To-Hand Combat Course by U.S.Marine Corps and Charles D. Melson $19.80 at

Elite Forces Manual of Mental and Physical Endurance: How to Reach Your Physical and Mental Peak by Alexander Stillwell and Matthew Bennett $12.89 at

Marine Corps Daily 16 Workouts: Marine Fitness for the Civilian Athlete by U.S. Marine Corp. $7.84 at

Official U.S. Army Physical Fitness Guide by Department Of The Army $15.56 at

Semper Fit: The Marine Corps Workout DVD $24.95 at

Special Ops Fitness - Navy SEAL Workout, System 1 ~ Mark De Lisle DVD $14.95 at

Special Ops Fitness Training: High-Intensity Workouts of Navy Seals, Delta Force, Marine Force Recon and Army Rangers by Mark De Lisle $10.17 at

The Navy SEALs Workout DVD $24.95 at

The Official British Army Fitness Guide by Sam Murphy and British Army $15.54 at

The Official U.S. Air Force Elite Workout by Andrew Flach and Peter Field Peck $10.85 at

The Official United States Navy SEAL Workout, Revised Edition by Andrew Flach and Peter Field Peck $10.85 at

The United States Marine Corps Workout, Revised Edition by Andrew Flach and Peter Field Peck $10.85 at

The United States Navy SEALs Workout Guide : The Exercises and Fitness Programs Used by the U.S. Navy SEALS and Bud's Training by Dennis C. Chalker $5.00 at

U.S. Army Fitness Training Handbook by Department of the Army $10.17 at

Unleash The Machine: A Marine's Guide to Elite Fitness (Paperback) by Bobby Clark $15.99 at

Xvest X2 Vest Weight Vest $189 at


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