Upper Body Workouts for Men

Every guy knows that developing your upper body is a critical part of your overall strength training routine. Without a strong, well developed upper body, you simply won't be taken as seriously inside or outside the gym. Having a strong upper body allows you to:

  • Benefits: Upper body strength and advanced core stability of the lumbar spine.
  • Good posture: strengthening them to hold the top half of your body up
  • You will strengthen your abs and core muscles
  • Looks: You will appear "wider" and fill out your shirts better
  • Strength: You will gain ability to pull more weight
  • Increase your overall body strength, which is largely influenced by the strength of your upper body
  • Increase your metabolism. Larger muscles require more energy to maintain and increase your basal metabolic rate

We have complied a list of superb recommended products for those seeking to specialize their weight training for upper body. With the knowledge you'll learn from or recommended books or DVDs, you'll learn how to expand your upper body and increase your strength to levels you never thought possible.

They will show you the keys to unlocking your strength potential and developing the upper body you've always wanted. Of course, women love and want to be with a big strong guy who can protect them. You can be that guy! One thing that guy overlook is that they can organize, motivate and impress girls they met in person by becoming a Campus Man. You can encourage women you meet to join your own personal "fan club." Girls can follow you as you develop a professional internet presence as a Campus Man.

Trainers Differ on Best Upper Body Workouts

Many experts debate the best way to develop your upper body strength and musculature. Some prefer free weights alone, which develop coordination well, but can be limited in range of motion, and require a spotter. Others prefer strength training machines such as Hammerstrength and Nautilus for their ease of use and greater convenience, while still others prefer a balanced approach using various training modalities. The answer is complicated and can be explained in these books and videos, which will show you the fastest and easiest way to develop massive upper body strength. In addition, ordering a book or DVD gives you a set program to follow which keeps you motivated and on track to reaching your goals.

Recommended Upper Body Workouts Books for Men

Kelso's Shrug Book $11.66 - This book is an update of Paul Kelso's original shrug book. Kelso has added a wealth of information, the result being a book which is a full 75% longer than the original. Kelso added additional chapters while deleting some of the information which he has learned from experience do not work as well. He also includes a chapter on the bench press that is required reading for anyone looking to improve their upper body strength. Kelso takes you through his detailed investigation of the history of the shrug exercise and clearly details his philosophy in 'Kelso's Shrug Rules', a straightforward list of guidelines for performing shrugs correctly.

Amazon customers have given the book overwhelmingly great reviews. "Kelso's 'Shrug' Rules!" says one reviewer, while extolling the thoroughness of Kelso's research. Others are delighted to see that he has finally revised and updated his original shrug book and packed it with more information than ever.

Stronger Arms & Upper Body $14.21 - Joe Wuebben from Muscle and Fitness Magazine and Joe Stoppani, PhD bring you this book, which shows you the most important exercises for developing size and strength in your arms, shoulders, chest, upper back and abs. Learn how to improve your muscular definition, while increasing strength and size. The book comes complete with 33 exercise programs, as well as detailed anatomical illustrations. Choose from over 100 different exercises for developing every facet of your upper body strength. This reader friendly book contains advanced exercise techniques that are designed for serious lifters.

Customers were extremely pleased with this book, lauding it for clarity, readability, and detained explanations. Everyone who reads the cutting edge techniques in this book will find something to add to their workout routine.

Power Factor Specialization: Shoulders & Back (Kindle Version) $9.99 - In the Kindle version of this book, author Peter Sisco uses the latest scientific research to measure a wide variety of upper body and back exercises and assigns a power factor to each one to show you which exercises are most effective. Sisco says: why waste your time with inferior exercises when you can choose the movements that put the most effective stress on each muscle groups? You can ramp up the intensity of your workouts and reach your goals faster and without wasting time and effort on exercises which are not going to get you where you want to go.

Customers love the fact that this book provides even long time advanced body builders with the tools and techniques to increase the intensity of their training and take them to new plateaus. Be warned that this is not a book for beginners, this is an advanced training book well suited to the needs of experienced body builders.

Upper Body Workout DVDs

Joe Weider's Bodybuilding Training System (Session #5) $62.99 - Weider Health and Fitness has produced the best selling DVD series ever with this set of 4 discs and 1 CD ROM showing athletes how to develop strength and fitness for body building, sports and general fitness. Although you cannot buy the session separately, we recommend session #5 for guys seeking to get a huge upper body. This body building training system is not available in stores. Get great instruction from the biggest body building starts and fitness experts. There is over six hours of instruction, including over 90 exercise demonstrations, 4 full body workout guides, a glossary of terms and a training log to track your exercise and nutrition routines.

Customers say this workout program is the real deal. Why spend money on expensive personal trainers when you can have the definitive Joe Weider collection and advice from bodybuilding's top stars?

FitBALL Upper Body Challenge $39.95 - This DVD shows you how to get a great upper body workout using FitBALL and HeavyMeds and/or free weights. This DVD shows you how to use the FitBall training system. This 45 minute DVD demonstrates a series of FitBALL exercises which target your upper body and abs for increased strength and co-ordination to enhance your overall fitness routine, all in an easy to do workout you can do at home.

Muscle & Fitness Training System - Chest & Shoulders $39.96 - This hard to find DVD system demonstrates exercises to help you gain mass and Muscle Definition programs to help you develop a massive chest and shoulders. The DVD set is well worth the effort needed to locate it, so we encourage you to make the extra effort. This cutting edge DVD gives you the option of multiple camera angles and outstanding graphics at your fingertips. It includes the 18 best exercises for developing a strong upper body along with 4 complete exercise programs, while giving you the tools to build your own custom training program.

Some people prefer to work out at home because of limited time or wanting privacy. If you are seeking to have the best upper body workouts at home, we recommend this equipment, based on your budget...

Upper Body Workouts at Home: You Need Equipment

Weider X-Factor Door Gym $129.00 - As seen in TV commercials, this home gym attaches to your door and allows you to perform a wide variety of cable workouts. It helps you produce solide, explosive power that will build muscle and endurance. You can strengthen and tone your upper body with this series of exercises, while enjoying the convenience of working out in your own home. It's another quality Weider product which sets up in minutes and saves you time while allowing you to get your workout in even when you can't get to the gym. It's great for busy people who don't always have access to a full gym.

ISO7X - 7 Second Workout Revolution $29.99 - The ISO7X is a workout device that allows you to use isometrics to build muscle quickly and easily. It comes with directions for completing 30 different exercises. This allows you to target all the major muscle groups. You set the resistance, and then hold it for only 7 seconds. The best part about the ISO7X is that it allows you to track your progress from day to day, helping you maintain motivation and get objective evidence of your increased strength and power. The ISO7X comes with an upgraded Lifetime Stainless Steel construction and an upgraded Smooth Glide Spring to give you a smoother and more fluid movement. It also comes with a 6 week exercise chart. An added benefit is the portability of the ISO7X, making it great for students and those who can't get to the gym as often as they would like.

Customers found the ISO7X to be very helpful. It's a great way to get a solid upper body workout. After using the ISO7X they had significant soreness the following day, evidence of the surprising intensity of the workouts you can do with the ISO7X.

Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar - Extreme Edition $39.95 - The Iron Gym is a pull-up bar that installs easily in residential door frames of between 24 to 32 inches with trim or moulding up to 3.5 inches. It is made of a sturdy steel construction and holds up to 300 lbs. It's a multi-purpose training bar, on which you can do a variety of exercises.

It allows you to work all the muscles you need to develop a strong and powerful upper body. With the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar, you can now have a pull up bar at home without having to damage your door frame with a permanently installed bar.

Customers love the Iron Gym Total Upper Body Workout Bar for its well engineered design and durability. They found the assembly to be quick, clearly explained, and easy to do. Most importantly, they reported a significant strength increase in a short period of time.

For those with a little more money to spend, we encourtage you to consider the following:

EPIC Compact Training System $1119.98 (Shipping Included) - The EPIC Compact Training System is a heavy duty home gym which can withstand very heavy use. It comes with a 150 lb. Cast-iron Weight Stack, Two Precision Swivel Pulleys, commercial grade cables, convenient accessory storage space and an Anti-Burst Fitness Ball. The EPIC Compact Training System has a 350 lb. weight capacity, sufficient for virtually all weight training needs. It has Pop-Pin locking doors and convenient wheel locks to keep moving parts in place for your safety and that of children or pets. The EPIC Compact Training System comes with a DVD demonstrating the wide variety of exercises you can do with this home gym.

Customers gave the EPIC Compact Training System high marks for its durability and ease of assembly. Customers who used the system reported significant strength gains and weight loss. The smooth motion of the cables and the versatility of the cable mounts were another plus.

Using these products will get you on your way to developing the upper body you want and women crave. While you're developing a strong, powerful upper body, you'll receive the attention you deserve by branding yourself as a "Campus Man." Establishing your own personal fan club allows women to follow the "new you" and keep updated on your progress, build respect and be convinced of your true awesomeness!


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